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Desiree performs a variety of workshops, in a number of languages and countries, to inform and enlighten riders to attain the best riding experience.  Desiree also conducts a limited number of one to one instruction sessions, these are by arrangement.

COACHING – one on one coaching – online or in person

Technology today allows Desiree to work with clients online. What is needed is that they have a good internet signal, Skype and a desire to improve their technique. The most important thing is for you to have internet connection in your arena, then the logistics are easy.What you need:

1. A horse

2. A mobile phone with Skype

3. A bluetooth earpiece that has a reach of at least 25 metres

4. Desiree šŸ˜‰

When she is ‘in country’ Desiree conducts several of these sessions with individuals, contact her for details of the locations of her visits.


Desiree is often invited to Stables who organise a group of riders with whom she works. These are usually three-day programmes with a minimum of 8 riders and a maximum of 12 per day. Riders are expected to attend each day of the programme in order to fully embed the Weightless Riding experience and how it can influence and improve the riding experience. Riders from all levels can be included in the group provided the horse is safe in the basic three gaits. The discipline (Western, English, endurance, etc.) is not important as the focus is on the rider’s body movement.

WORKSHOP – Introduction to Weightless RidingĀ© (1/2 day)

These, limited number, workshops are held to provide you with an introduction to Weightless RidingĀ©Ā and how it can benefit both rider and horse.Ā  Each rider will get an individual opportunity to ride for Desiree and receive hints about improving performance.Ā  The posture of the rider has a big influence on the horseĀ“s way of going. A horse cannot possibly be loose and supple when his rider is stiff. Using knowledge of both the human and equine anatomy, she teaches how to correct the body of the rider and how that helps the horse. A crooked rider will always have a crooked horse.Ā  There are options to continue working with Desiree or one of her tutors should you wish to implement long-term adjustments.

WORKSHOP – Basic Anatomy ( 3 hours)

  • Introduction to equine anatomy
  • The skeleton of the horse
  • Interaction between muscles

The basic anatomy course is for all riders who are interested in what goes on under the skin of the horse, how the bones influence the range of movement and understanding why we should have more empathy when we ask certain tasks of the horse.

WORKSHOP – Stretching (1 day)

  • Conformation of the horse
  • The necessity and impact, of a correct fitting saddle
  • Correct shoeing

The stretching workshop will show how to evaluate where your horse needs help on a daily basis, noticing the signs of tension, and how to alleviate them by learning relaxing stretches for your own horse.

THERAPY – Physical Therapy (see more detail here)

  • Massage techniques to suit the issue
  • Assessment of rhythm, stride, mobility, etc
  • Correction program and follow up

Physical therapy workshop is for riders who want to give their horses a special treat with a custom massage to do on a weekly basis. This will not only alleviate tension in the horse, but also build a better relationship between horse and rider.

These workshops and individual instruction are available only by arrangement.  If you are a stable and would like to arrange a session for your clients feel free to contact Desiree to discuss options to customise for your clients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT, here.