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Desiree du Pisanie is South African by birth, Italian by descent and for a number of years has lived in Portugal.  She currently works in a number of countries – Portugal, Germany and South Africa primarily.  She also speaks several languages, English, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Desiree’s qualfications are comprehensive as a qualified Equine Therapist (UK and Germany qualified) and a Sports therapy and massage (for people) (UK), with extensive Alexanter Technique experience.  She works as a therapist in the Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre (EPAE).

She lives in Portugal when she is not travelling between Germany, UK, Spain and South Africa.

She combines the classical riding principles with her knowledge of Alexander technique to faciliate a dialogue between the body of the rider and the body of the horse without force.  It is through years of working with riders and horses that she has developed Weightless Riding© as a unique method to bring about the most satisfying experience both for the rider and horse in any equine activity.

Desiree is passionate about all things equine and has been riding horses all her life and has been working with horses and people for 30 years, helping both achieve optimum results.  She has 2 horses, one a PSL stallion called Ullises and the other a PRE stallion called Soñador.

Other than her love of horses, Desiree is also passionately fond of dogs and has had a variety of breeds and currently has two pedigreed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who often keep her company on her travels.  In the little spare time she has she works with them to be excellent scent retrievers or just enjoying long walks.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.

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