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Bounty is fortunate! We are fortunate!

After a twenty year journey with my haflinger Janosch, who unfortunately passed away, and where we undoubtedly had many excellent trainers, we found Desiree in the last couple of years where everything just seems to just fit.
Bounty, who is now four, and I have had the pleasure of starting our journey together right from the beginning with Desiree. This means we are under her supervision at least once a week, and our progress together has been enormous .
She teaches me to be finer with my aids, to be increasingly attentive, and more forward-looking with regards to the exercises that may follow, and above all, Desiree teaches me how Bounty understands in the simplest manner what is expected from him. Of course my inadequacies tend to linger, but the more I mange to be no hindrance, the quicker he tends to grasp every exercise.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I never would have thought than online lessons could be a possibility, but it is astounding how that is a super alternative to her being there live, and speaking to other riders at our stable, many of them seem to be of the same opinion.
Nicole & Bounty

Desiree begins where horse and rider connect

Desiree´s work starts where the vertebrae of two mammal connect. At first it is almost ridiculously easy, with unusual exercises like the “wiggly-waggly”, cycling backwards and singing in all gaits. This already makes every rider who is too much in his head, and every scared rider stumble upon the first aha moment. It is easy to trust Desiree´s calm, attentive and charming manner.

Anja Tschamler


It is unbelievable what we (Picobello and I) have achieved through your lessons: This ease of process – warm up in 10 minutes and off you go – this looseness in both of us – this load capacity, bending of the hand and momentum – this almost slow-motion galloping – a real pleasure! Some people wonder why there is so much smiling while riding! I look forward to our sessions very much.


Full body control

The word “seated training” does not do justice to what Desiree was able to convey to us. It’s a full program of body control as a rider and, associated with that communication with the horse. We are now fans. Regardless of whether you are a recreational or tournament rider, or your riding style, Desiree picks up everyone individually, encourages and challenges in a very friendly, but also efficient manner.
Western Competition Riders, Germany
Andrea and Stefan Giesecke

A lightbulb moment

What a lightbulb moment I had 11 years ago, when I had my first lesson with Desiree. Suddenly, everything just made sense.

Desiree’s approach is relaxed, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere. One of the most standout aspects she has taught me over the years is to be more body aware, as every little change and movement in our body has an effect on the horse. To help you achieve this, Desiree paints the most beautiful pictures, which you can refer back to, weeks after the lessons.

Not only did Desiree make me more body aware, but she also taught me how to read my horse’s body language and how to react to and learn from it.

I have been riding a young and very sensitive horse for the last three years and Desiree has been there, helping us along the way. It has been a great journey so far and she has been there celebrating our successes. I can only recommend to anybody that cares about their horses to attend her workshops. Everything just makes sense.

Photo: My sensitive horse (Brandbach Heritage) and I

Madeleine Pais-Mamede

Natural symmetry

As my riding expertise and knowledge increased, I became more aware of the impact of my body on my horses – how my own asymmetries (whether caused by injury or habit) influenced my horses’ movements. Together with the natural asymmetry of each horse, riding sometimes felt unnecessary challenging.

Then I met Desiree and things changed radically – for the better! As an Alexander Technique practitioner and equine physiotherapist, she has an in-depth knowledge of both the equine and human body and is therefore able to notice how horse rider move together, and exactly what may be needed to create more ease and harmony.

Following Desiree’s clear instructions and imagery, I was amazed at how things changed immediately for me and my horses. Sometimes the “correction” could be as small as loosening a left ankle, but each time the change was there. And the confirmation came from my horses who all showed their approval of the changes I was able to make by their snorts and the relaxation and thoroughness in their strides.

I can highly recommend Desiree as an instructor – not only because of her vast amount of knowledge and experience in her field, but also her teaching style which is relaxed, clear and fun.

Liesl Kruger
Cape Town, South Africa

Improvement all around

I can truely confess thanks to Desiree’s input, riding actually makes me feel better and more relaxed.

I am even trimming my own Horses feet, without any physical issues, and my horses love it! We are even doing more than basic dessage moves, without any protests!

I love this concept of Weightless riding and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

South Africa

A lot of fun!

I have been riding since I was really little, starting with normal English style riding but I very quickly changed over to Western riding.. That, however, didn’t stop me from being interested in other ideas, which then led me to Desiree.
Desiree accepts every rider and horse combination, regardless of the riding discipline  or level of training.
Riding with Desiree…is fun, a lot of fun!
I have always considered myself a fine rider, but from Desiree you learn in an unquestionably delightful way to become even more refined, you acquire a whole new body awareness where the movement of horse and rider get to flow together in an increasingly harmonious way. Riding with Desiree is like dancing with a horse!
Off course you must be willing to work on yourself, and the road to the “perfect world” is long, I would describe that as the place where I do nothing, and for that I have to thank Desiree.
With little effort you can ride most spectacularly, it is really impressive.
I always look forward to her lessons and afterwards I am always beaming.
Thank you very much Desiree
Anne Brauburger