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Bounty is fortunate! We are fortunate!

Bounty is fortunate! We are fortunate!

After a twenty year journey with my haflinger Janosch, who unfortunately passed away, and where we undoubtedly had many excellent trainers, we found Desiree in the last couple of years where everything just seems to just fit.
Bounty, who is now four, and I have had the pleasure of starting our journey together right from the beginning with Desiree. This means we are under her supervision at least once a week, and our progress together has been enormous .
She teaches me to be finer with my aids, to be increasingly attentive, and more forward-looking with regards to the exercises that may follow, and above all, Desiree teaches me how Bounty understands in the simplest manner what is expected from him. Of course my inadequacies tend to linger, but the more I mange to be no hindrance, the quicker he tends to grasp every exercise.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I never would have thought than online lessons could be a possibility, but it is astounding how that is a super alternative to her being there live, and speaking to other riders at our stable, many of them seem to be of the same opinion.

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