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Weightless Riding
A better way to ride
With only a few sessions you, and your horse, can feel the difference!
A South African by birth she has a passion for horses, and dogs, which is evident in her work.
This technique, mastered by Desiree over many years, skillfully combines a variety of effective techniques.
A variety of workshops are available to improve your understanding of your horse to riding it better.

Weightless Riding

A better way to ride
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Coaching & Workshops
How you can benefit


This is possible when in country. Currently operating in Portugal, Germany and South Africa, contact for dates and locations.

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These can be arranged for your location or join an existing group, contact for details of upcoming locations.

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The basic anatomy course is for all riders interested in what goes on under the skin of the horse.

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Physical Therapy

The horse is carefully assessed and techniques and corrections to suit the issue are applied.

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Our Testimonials
What Customers Say
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Desiree´s work starts where the vertebrae of two mammal connect. At first it is almost ridiculously easy, with unusual exercises like the "wiggly-waggly", cycling backwards and singing in all gaits. This already makes every rider who is too much in his head, and every scared rider stumble upon the first aha moment. It is easy to trust Desiree´s calm, attentive and charming manner.
Anja Tschamler
Professional Singer
It is unbelievable what we (Picobello and I) have achieved through your lessons: This ease of process - warm up in 10 minutes and off you go - this looseness in both of us - this load capacity, bending of the hand and momentum - this almost slow-motion galloping - a real pleasure! Some people wonder why there is so much smiling while riding! I look forward to our sessions very much.
The word “seated training” does not do justice to what Desiree was able to convey to us. It's a full program of body control as a rider and, associated with that communication with the horse. We are now fans. Regardless of whether you are a recreational or tournament rider, or your riding style, Desiree picks up everyone individually, encourages and challenges in a very friendly, but also efficient manner.
Andrea and Stefan Giesecke
Western Competition Riders, Germany