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Natural symmetry

Natural symmetry

As my riding expertise and knowledge increased, I became more aware of the impact of my body on my horses – how my own asymmetries (whether caused by injury or habit) influenced my horses’ movements. Together with the natural asymmetry of each horse, riding sometimes felt unnecessary challenging.

Then I met Desiree and things changed radically – for the better! As an Alexander Technique practitioner and equine physiotherapist, she has an in-depth knowledge of both the equine and human body and is therefore able to notice how horse rider move together, and exactly what may be needed to create more ease and harmony.

Following Desiree’s clear instructions and imagery, I was amazed at how things changed immediately for me and my horses. Sometimes the “correction” could be as small as loosening a left ankle, but each time the change was there. And the confirmation came from my horses who all showed their approval of the changes I was able to make by their snorts and the relaxation and thoroughness in their strides.

I can highly recommend Desiree as an instructor – not only because of her vast amount of knowledge and experience in her field, but also her teaching style which is relaxed, clear and fun.