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Save the fish

I was listening to a podcast today, which really connected to the blog about The Hornet’s nest.

The story is about a teacher who bought a fish and told the class to look after this fish, he paid a lot of money for this fish, the kids had to name it, look after it, feed it everyday. The only thing they were not allowed to do, was to touch the fish, under no circumstances, no matter what, for they will get suspended, no questions asked if they do. So the kids named the fish, fed it every day, and became really attached to it.

Then one day, the teacher comes in, takes the fish out with a little net and puts it on the ground. It starts to flap around, the kids are horrified, shouting at the teacher, but nobody touches the fish.

All of a sudden, two girls run up to the fish, picks it up and puts it back into the tank. Everybody is relieved as the fish can finally breathe again.

The teacher then tells the two girls to take their books and go, as they are suspended with immediate effect! The rules are the rules. Everybody else goes crazy. “They saved the fish!” , they shout. The teacher asks them to leave, but as they go out, he says to them: “Hold your heads up, you did the right thing, and sometimes doing the right thing has consequences.”

The rest of the class had to stay behind, and deal with the fact that they were cowards

This is such a valuable lesson, and so applicable to what the horseworld is going through at the moment.

Doing the right thing has consequences, but I feel it is way better than to deal with being a coward. If we are cowards, if we don’t call out the people who make our world, the world of horses, look bad, we will all be left wishing we had the courage. And we will have to live with the fact that people who have nothing to do with horses, will be the ones who judge us. Don’t let this happen.

Go save the fish!