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A lot of fun!

A lot of fun!

I have been riding since I was really little, starting with normal English style riding but I very quickly changed over to Western riding.. That, however, didn’t stop me from being interested in other ideas, which then led me to Desiree.
Desiree accepts every rider and horse combination, regardless of the riding discipline  or level of training.
Riding with Desiree…is fun, a lot of fun!
I have always considered myself a fine rider, but from Desiree you learn in an unquestionably delightful way to become even more refined, you acquire a whole new body awareness where the movement of horse and rider get to flow together in an increasingly harmonious way. Riding with Desiree is like dancing with a horse!
Off course you must be willing to work on yourself, and the road to the “perfect world” is long, I would describe that as the place where I do nothing, and for that I have to thank Desiree.
With little effort you can ride most spectacularly, it is really impressive.
I always look forward to her lessons and afterwards I am always beaming.
Thank you very much Desiree