Desiree´s work starts where the vertebrae of two mammal connect. At first it is almost ridiculously easy, with unusual exercises like the "wiggly-waggly", cycling backwards and singing in all gaits. This already makes every rider who is too much in his head, and every scared rider stumble upon the first aha moment. It is easy to trust Desiree´s calm, attentive and charming manner.

Anja Client TestimonialAlmost by-the-way she corrects not only the posture of the rider, but also the rider´s mindset. She removes ambition where energy and fun should be and creates freedom of movement and thoughts. For me this is where the Alexander technique meets the principles of classical riding.

Once you arrive here, straight lines suddenly become lateral work and the game of balance and allowing the movement starts anew. Not to interfere, not to be impatient and to wait for the horse´s gift. That gift is an impressive ease of movement, alertness, elevation and a soft feel on the reins, that was achieved witout any physical force. Wow! One almost feels like floating. This freedom of thought and movement makes one addicted. And what fun to ride all thinkable lessons so easily and smoothly.

The result: ease and elegance in movement and expression, horse and rider become happy, beautiful and cheerful! After years of aspiring, I am comvinced that this will be reflected in the rider´s spirit too!